Helping to retrieve a student’s lost glasses

Our Story

This is one of the really cool stories to come out of the work we do.
Meet Julie, an exchange student from Germany – GFNZ team leader Rob Wilson received a rather concerned phone call from a member of the public the night before the Annual Harbour Clean Up.

Poor Julie had lost her expensive prescription glasses just by the jump platform, by the bridge at Frank Kitts Lagoon.

A quick conversation on the phone and we knew exactly where – and as its an area we often dive we knew exactly the depth, and that it was deep enough for objects to often sit where they fall.

We assured the gentleman that called Rob that we would have a good look and try our best to recover them for Julie first thing in the morning.

Rob and GFNZ 2IC Serena Cox dropped into the murk and recovered an ONZO NZ bike and a shopping trolley then turned their focus to Julie’s glasses. Julie had met Rob first thing and even had a video of the area she had lost them – 10/10 Julie.

The visibility was atrocious but our dive teams use very clever search patterns and are well used to very low visibility diving. Within minutes of the search beginning Serena and Rob were on the surface and handed the glasses up to Luke Adam Diamond and then back to Julie who was waiting anxiously on the pontoon. Serena’s keen eyes had won the day.

And as you can see – Julie was very happy to get them back – the look on here face brought smiles to the whole team.

Great work everybody! – and please if you do drop something of value in – take very close note of where – even take a photograph. Good documentation makes life a lot easier.